Albany Pork is Giving the Taxpayers Trichinosis!

Account 007: NYS Senate's Secret Slush Fund
$200,000,000 in secret “Member Items”
  • Not listed in budget
  • Not disclosed to the taxpayers
  • No oversight of spending

Pojects that have been supported with 007 Funds

  • $5,000 for the Cuba Cheese Museum in Rome, NY
  • $77,000 to air condition a golf dome in the Town of Tonawanda
  • $12.5 Million to build the "Joseph L. Bruno Stadium" in Troy
  • $1.4 Million to Senator Guy Velella's not-for-profit.
    (Member items continued to flow even after he served a one-year prison sentence)

State Senator Mike Kaplowitz "Smart Government"
Member Item Proposal

Immediately cut $100,000,000 from Member Item spending

  • Provide property tax relief
  • Increase suburban school aid

"MINE" Program
Member Items Needed for Everyone

The Goal: Remove cronyism from state funding decisions by establishing an open and transparent process to receive state-level assistance

The Process:

  • Application process
  • Citizen/Volunteer evaluators review and recommend merits of application
  • Full disclosure of funding decisions
MINE Form:

  MINE Evaluator Form:

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