Provide financial assistance to local lake associations to assist in the improvement and remediation of lakes throughout the Hudson Valley.

Funding Sources:
• $225 million in the State’s Environmental Protection Fund
• Bigger Better Bottle Bill - $179 million (projected unclaimed deposits)

Examples of lakes that could utilize LIP funding:

Lake Shenorock
  • Algae
  • Runoff
  • Dredging
Whaley Lake
  • Deteriorating Dam
  • $2.2 Million potential cost
Lakes Secor and Casse
  • Effluent
  • High levels of bacteria
Junior Lake
  • Contaminated Soil ($500,000)
  • Algae

Kaplowitz Proposal:
Develop a Lake Improvement Program (LIP) that allows local lake associations and environmental organizations the ability to apply for state assistance to remediate, improve, and otherwise upgrade lakes throughout the Hudson Valley region.

Applicants would apply for funding through an application process that would be facilitated through State Senator Mike Kaplowitz' office. Awards would be granted based on immediacy of need and degree of environmental necessity.

Sample LIP Form:
Sample LIP Form
  EPA Funding 2006-2007 :
EPA Funding 2006-2007

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