In Albany, Mike Kaplowitz will work to change a system that allows our remaining open space to be gobbled up by developers. As a county legislator Mike has saved over 1,000 acres of open space in placed like Hilltop Hanover Farm in Yorktown and the Eagle River site in Somers. He has worked to preserve family farms, protect our water quality, and create recreational facilities for our families.

Mike has a record of working collaboratively with local, county, and state government to achieve positive results for our region and protect its suburban and rural character. He has been endorsed time and time again by the League of Conservation Voters and he has a long history of working with organizations like Riverkeeper and Scenic Hudson.

When it comes to protecting our open space and the natural environment Mike Kaplowitz has delivered results. As your state senator he will work to:
  • Purchase development rights for pennies on the dollar so that we can preserve our remaining farms and save thousands of more acres.

  • Protect our drinking water by preserving wetlands and combating overdevelopment.

  • Provide the funding for our local communities to protect open space and their natural history.

  • Expand the bottle law to include non-carbonated beverages, generating new funding for environmental protection.

  Property Taxes and Our Local Schools:
Albany drives up our property taxes by requiring our schools and counties to spend on mandatory programs without providing adequate funding to pay for them. School districts are then forced to present budgets that burden our local homeowners with unmanageable local tax increases. Families are finding it harder each day to remain in the community they choose and at the same time support school budgets.
The New York State Senate has failed to do anything about this rising crisis and as a result, school districts like Mahopac in Putnam County and Hendrick Hudson in Westchester have been forced to operate under contingency budgets after successive budget defeats. Wasteful spending and fiscal negligence are having a direct impact on homeowners and our children's education.

When in Albany, Mike will fight to end wasteful spending and work on a remedy to rising property taxes. He will:
  • Expose secret, wasteful pork barrel spending and end the election year handouts politicians use to get elected.

  • Create a non-partisan Independent Budget Office to set maximum spending limits.

  • Apply surpluses and one shot revenues to pay down debt, increase school aid and reduce property taxes.

  • Guarantee all lottery proceeds go to education

Government Reform:
Albany has become a symbol of dysfunction, where good public policy takes a back seat to politics. Mike understands we need to change the way Albany does business. When elected a state senator he will:
  • Ban all gifts from lobbyists to legislators

  • Create a nonpartisan panel to take redistricting out of the hands of politicians

  • Reform campaign finance laws to reduce the influence of powerful special interests

  • Route out Medicaid fraud and protect Medicaid whistleblowers

  • Implement Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) reform, to remove the culture of secrecy in Albany and enable the public to become more involved with the legislative process

Energy Costs:
Like property taxes, energy costs are soaring. The failure of the State Senate to enact an aggressive energy policy is having a direct impact on us at the pump and in our homes. As your state senator Mike Kaplowitz will push for a comprehensive energy policy to:
  • Make available "smart" electric meters that can save consumers 30% on their electricity bills

  • Ban gasoline zone-pricing by oil companies

  • Conserve energy use by government and individuals

  • Require the operators of Indian Point to reimburse us for the millions of dollars counties spend on emergency planning

  • Reduce reliance on foreign energy sources by promoting clean and renewable energy sources
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